Welcome to Actpay’s payroll software and services page

Below you will find some free HR applications download that we believe will be useful to many Malaysian SME’s.


Free Leave management software

Actpay Lite – Salary Calculator

Features : 

  1. Government Statutory Calculations for EPF, SOCSO,EIS and PCB
  2. Print Payslip and Summary report.
  3. Exported calculations to Excel.

Ready for Download.

Leave Management

Features :

  1. Public Holidays Calendar
  2. Track Leave Taken by Staff
  3. No. of staff leave overview
  4. Reports

Ready for Download.


The above windows applications are based on software written for our clients over several years. We are now rewriting these software to be allow it to be used by a wider range of companies. We hope that the feedback obtained will help us improve these software further.

These software will later be able to import/export data to Actpay Payroll software.

Software Pricing

  1. Salary Calculator – RM135 (Introductory 50% Discount)
  2. Leave Management – Beta Testing

These software may have a small banner box that may be used for minimally intrusive advertising.