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Payroll Default Values Screen

STEP 1 – Company Defaults

  1. Click on “Edit” to get into Edit mode. To make changes to any field in Actpay Payroll, “Edit” must be clicked first. After completing the changes, click “Save” to save changes. Any changes will not be saved if you not click “Save”.
  2. Company Name cannot be edited.
  3. All overtime calculations will be based on these values. Default value based on Labour Laws are 26 and 8. Modify if necessary.
  4. PCB Calculation Mode :
    1. Default is Computerised.
      It is recommended that the default be used. This setting will give the exact same results as LHDN’s online PCB calculator, but requires YTD values to give the correct results.
    2. Manual mode will simulate PCB Table Schedule provided by LHDN.
      For users starting to use the payroll software in the middle of the year, it may be better to choose Manual mode.

      For detailed instructions, please refer to the following chapter : Error! Reference source not found.

  5. The default EPF rates can be edited here. There are options for 2 special rates, where you can enter the values your need, e.g. 11 / 15.


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