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Outsource your payroll to us. We have 30 years of experience with the most complex salary calculations.  Get accurate and stress free payroll management with Actpay’s payroll outsource service.

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With 3 decades of experience with Malaysian Payroll software development we are able to provide payroll outsource services to handle any complex salary calculations and reports.

Actpay payroll outsource service

Full report customization for more efficient employee and cost management

Payroll Outsource Service

Everything You Need

  • Process monthly payroll including pay and overtime based on attendance data.
  • Prepare reports and files for submission of statutory deductions. (Income Tax, EPF, SOCSO, EIS and HRDF)
  • Generate reports and file for Salary disbursement through bank transfer
  • Management reports including EA Form and custom reports
  • Print payslip or send payslip direct to employees through e-mail.

Payroll outsourcing services starting at a very affordable rate.

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An initial meeting will be arranged to understand the special requirements and needs of the client. Based on the findings a proposal will be given including details on data formats, reporting needs and timelines.

Client will then provide current payroll data to be imported into our systems. This will be used to generate payslip and reports based on previous month data to confirm accuracy of the calculations.

Submission of statutory payments is optional. Our services cater for clients who need fast and accurate payroll calculations.

At the end of the month data will provided in a predefined excel format for processing. The data will be processed and an interim report highlighting any discrepancies will be sent for confirmation.

On receiving confirmation, the full payroll will be generated together with all necessary reports and files needed for salary disbursement. If required, payroll will be sent to all staff using e-mail.

Reports and files will be generated for all Malaysian statutory submissions including EPF, SOCSO, PCB, EIS and HRDF. Text file output for submission to banks for direct deposit to employees will also be provided. End of the year EA Forms and E Form will also be generated.

Custom reports will be provided if requested. We are able to handle complex requirements as we our payroll systems are designed in house.

We are able to import data from various Attendance software and process it for salary calculations. The client has to provide verified attendance data for accurate calculations.

If the client can only provide raw attendance data, we will process the data based on calculation parameters provided by the client. This will require additional processing and verification.

Our monthly cost starts at RM500 for up to 10 staff. Additional staff will be at RM25 per staff per month. This rate is based on standard payroll calculations.

Actual cost may be lower or higher depending on number of staff or additional requirements.

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