Free Payroll Software for SME’s – Malaysia

Free payroll software

This is a simple, free payroll software that shares the same engine as the commercial Actpay payroll software.

Free Payroll Software features.

  1. Enter and save staff information. Can include IC and other information to submit statutory documents.
  2. Accurate Government Statutory Calculations for :
    1. EPF – Employees Provident Fund (KWSP)
    2. SOCSO – Social Security Organisation (PERKESO)
    3. EIS – Employment Insurance System (SIP)
    4. PCB – Potongan Cukai Bulanan (MTD)
  3. Bonus PCB Calculations. Calculations will show separate values for Bonus PCB and EPF.
  4. Calculates Gross and Net Pay. Provides Net salary after deducting statutory deductions.
  5. Provides details on values used to calculate EPF, SOCSO, EIS and PCB. This can be used to verify or modify these calculations as needed.
  6. Calculation details can be exported to Excel for further calculations and reports.
  7. No Time limit on software and is free to be used as long as needed.

Download procedure

Register as Member before download. Then download Zip file and unzip. That’s all. Copy and run anywhere on the PC. No database drivers needed.

Download “PayCalc” – Downloaded 47 times – 2 MB

Please go to the following link for basic instructions on how to use the software.

Notes :

This software has been tested against the commercial version of the software to make sure that all the calculations are correct. The EPF, SOCSO, EIS and PCB values have been verified to maker sure that there are no errors. Due to the simplicity and the minimal functionality of this software advanced features to customise allowances and deductions are not available here.

At the minimum this software can be used to accurately calculate the government statutory calculations which have been thoroughly verified. The Excel export feature allows the user to export the data and edit it in Excel for further processing.

Please note that the PCB calculations are based on using the MTD Schedule table provided by LHDN for manual PCB calculation. These values will differ from calculations provided by the online LHDN PCB calculator. This is because the YTD values are not taken into account in calculating the PCB. This is the official alternate procedure provided by LHDN to companies who do not use payroll software or E-PCB.


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